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Student Council


The Student Council is a representative structure through which the students can become involved in the affairs of the College, working in partnership with college leadership, staff and teachers for the benefits of the College and its students.

 The Role of the Student Council

  • The main role of a Student Council is to promote the interests of the College, the involvement of students and will set its own objectives, which will vary.
  • To enhance communication between students, management, staff and teachers.
  • To promote friendship and respect amongst students.
  • To promote a positive and healthy environment in the College community.
  • Involved in the planning and organisation of College activities and events (Sporting events, Halloween, Christmas, International Day Disco, Student awards ceremonies, Summer Ball, assisting with or organising fund-raising events for Charity etc.)

The Student Council will identify activities that it would like to be involved in organisation, although the final decision on the activities of Student Council should be agreed with College Management.

The Structure of the Student Council

The President
  • Organise regular meeting with the Student Council
  • Coordinate the Student Council
  • Represent students in higher structure

Vice - President
  • Is the right hand of the President and to support the work of the President
  • To take over the responsibilities of the President when he/she is not available

  • Dealing with the bureaucracy of the Council
  • Write minutes
  • Convene students meetings
  • To update the notice-boards

There will be a Student Council notice board displaying photographs of every council member, a comments box, meeting’s agenda and the previous meeting’s minutes.