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New Psychology Digital Library

New Psychology Digital Library




For those teaching psychology this term, there has been a significant uptake in students wishing to study the subject. For a long time psychology has been popular at A level and university foundation level, but now with the inclusion of the subject within the two year and one year GCSE programme, the subject looks well placed to carry on growing in the school.


To meet with the increased demand, Brooke House College has established a digital library within the faculty, making use of many ‘online’ resources and maximising the use of IT within the school. Smart phones, and tablets in particular have been supplied with appropriate ‘Apps’ to read QR codes and a regular looking set of books and topics in poster form can be accessed and then scanned for the pupils to then download the relevant text, article or book.


With a ‘comfy’ sofa in the corner of the faculty and easy internet access through the college’s extensive campus-wide wi-fi system, the whole process could not be simpler.


The Principal, expressing his gratitude to the psychology staff for setting the digital library up, went on to add that this is just another example of Brooke House College embracing technology to enhance its teaching and learning. Already this year we have seen a doubling of the new interactive touchscreens and related facilities for pupils to access lesson notes and homework, in addition to the whole of the science faculty networking each class room and laboratory by installing ‘Alexas’.


This networking of the science facilities followed on from the college featuring in the national press last year for the innovative use of Alexas within the teaching of English as an additional language. “As a town school with multiple sites, linking facilities across several streets is not realistic, but with Alexa and the internet, it is perfectly possible” stated the Principal. “We will be looking to utilise this technology across other faculties and in other areas of the school, such as  administration as well, once we have evaluated the success of this project in the science faculty”


Both initiatives of the digital library and Alexa demonstrate the college’s determination to offer the best use of IT and technology in general across the board for its pupils.