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Partnership with Matchmeeting

Partnership with Matchmeeting

MATCHmeeting is a football information and management system which allows us to record and track all information relevant to the Football Academy, its staff and players. We started to use the system in September and the feedback from players, parents and coaches all very positive. Ash Civil, BHC Assistant Football Academy Manager, said:

The addition of MATCHmeeting to our Academy set up has been a big boost for this season. Being able to easily track players' game time, training time, injuries as well as their height and weight has helped us analyse their season better. The video analysis tool is excellent giving both coaches and players the opportunity to highlight matches and share their thoughts.

Adam Hohn, BHC Football Academy Coach, further explained:

MATCHmeeting has taken Brooke House Football Academy to the next level. MATCHmeeting is a brilliant and efficient way to manage all the factors that are involved with a football coaching occupation. From designing sessions and tracking player data to analysing footage on an individual or team basis, MATCHmeeting is an excellent base for a coach to work from. Players have easy access and can communicate with a coach through a direct messaging system along with being able to make any comments or reply back to any feedback a coach may have provided on MATCHmeeting after a fixture or training session.

Overall an excellent system to communicate any information needed to help improve a player. 

Ben King, Captain of the Football Academy, also praised MATCHmeeting and said:

MATCHmeeting is a great tool for footballers of all ages and abilities and enables individuals to improve on and off the pitch. It also allows close contact with the coaches and physiotherapist for any advice or help you may need.

It has many functions. Firstly, after each game you are given a rating from your coach, along with some positives and negatives about your personal performance. This gives you some targets which you can work on to improve your overall game, whilst carrying on everything you have been doing successfully. As well, team-mates can rate your performance, allowing you to see how others feel you have played. Furthermore, you are able to watch your games back, allowing you to be independent learners by being critical of your own performance. You can also create highlights of yourself from games, so you can see everything you did well. Moreover, it has your team schedule on it, allowing you to manage yourself in terms of rest and being fresh for match day. There are also a range of statistics available so you can look at your season as a whole. Overall, it is a great device that should only improve players' development.