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EPQ & Oxbridge News

EPQ & Oxbridge News


Brooke House College is delighted to announce that Jonny (Hai Vu Quach) and Rose Francisco have been offered places at Cambridge and Oxford universities respectively next year.

Jonny has a place at Trinity College to read engineering. His passion is aeronautical engineering and was somewhat taken aback in his practice interview with the Principal, who himself holds a private pilot’s licence for helicopters, when given three paper aeroplanes and was asked which would fly the furthest and why. Fortunately for Jonny, his explanation of which would fly furthest turned out to be correct as was shown after all three were launched into the corridors of the college’s superb Georgian main school building.

Rose has an offer of a place at Hertford College Oxford to read Chemistry. She too was well prepared for her interviews with plenty of hard work being put in by both Rose and the new Head of the Science Faculty, Mr Gary Chalmers. Rose was also able to pick the brains of a current Oxford Ph.D student who recently passed his degree with a first class honours award, as a part of her preparation.

Additionally Duyen (Jenny) Cao and Duy Pham have led the way this year with their Extended Project Qualifications (EPQ) and in completing them became the first two Brooke House students to complete this additional programme.

Therefore, for both of them to obtain A Grades was an extremely pleasing outcome. Course co-ordinator Dr Felicity Johnson was both delighted and proud of their achievements, which have already encouraged even more students to try for the qualification this year.

Jenny researched four styles of eastern art, and then produced four pieces in each style. The four styles were Chinese black and white calligraphy, Korean water colour, Vietnamese Lacquer painting and Japanese wood-cut prints. Not only did Jenny use all four styles, her prints composed a story entitled ‘Love’, which showed a young couple, a mother and daughter, father and son and an elderly couple.

For Duy’s EPQ, he was looking into ways and means of dealing with people moving from the country into towns and cities in Vietnam and how to accommodate such a migration. He researched over 400 property types in Vietnam cities to consider solutions to Urban overcrowding. The research was painstaking as was the mathematical analysis of the data.